Plastic Expansion & Nylon Rimless Plugs

A range of plastic and nylon expansion plugs to ensure a secure fixing into masonry products.

Code Name Size Per Box Per Outer Per Case
QPYPLUG1000 Yellow Plastic Expansion Plugs 3-4 Size Screws 100 1000 10,000
QPRPLUG1000 Red Plastic Expansion Plugs 6-8 Size Screws 100 1000 10,000
QPBPLUG1000 Brown Plastic Expansion Plugs 10-12 Size Screws 100 1000 10,000
QP630NPLUG100 M6x30mm Nylon Rimless Plugs (100) M6 x 30mm 100 n/a
QP840PLUG100 M8x40mm Nylon Rimless Plugs (100) M8 x 40mm 100 n/a
QP1060NPLUG100 M10x50mm Nylon Rimless Wall Plugs (100) M10 x 50mm 50 n/a
QP1260NPLUG100 M12x60mm Nylon Rimless Wall Plugs (100) M12 x 60mm 25 n/a
QP1475NPLUG100 M14x75mm Nylon Rimless Plugs (100) M14 x 75mm 25 n/a