Bright Oval Brads Pre-Packed Tubs

Oval nails are used where concealment is required or where there is danger that the use of standard round wire nail would split the wood. The Oval Brad is tapped below the level of the timber in door jambs, floor and skirting boards. These nails are available in Bright, Galvanised or Sherardised.

Code Name Size Weight Packaging
AT25OV21 25mm Oval Brads 2.5kg TUB 25mm 2.5kg Tubs
D25OV5 25mm Oval Brads 5kg 25mm 5kg Buckets
D25OV10 25mm Oval Brads 10kg 25mm 10kg Buckets
AT30OV21 30mm Oval Brads 2.5kg TUB 30mm 2.5kg Tubs
D30OV5 30mm Oval Brads 5kg 30mm 5kg Buckets
D30OV10 30mm Oval Brads 10kg 30mm 10kg Buckets
AT40OV21CH 40mm Oval Brads 2.5kg TUB 40mm 2.5kg Tubs
D40OV5 40mm Oval Brads 5kg 40mm 5kg Buckets
D40OV10 40mm Oval Brads 10kg 40mm 10kg Buckets
AT50OV21 50mm Oval Brads 2.5kg TUB 50mm 2.5kg Tubs
D50OV5 50mm Oval Brads 5kg 50mm 5kg Buckets
D50OV10 50mm Oval Brads 10kg 50mm 10kg Buckets
AT65OV21 65mm Oval Brads 2.5kg TUB 65mm 2.5kg Tubs
D65OV5 65mm Oval Brads 5kg 65mm 5kg Buckets
D65OV10 65mm Oval Brads 10kg 65mm 10kg Buckets
AT75OV21 75mm Oval Brads 2.5kg TUB 75mm 2.5kg Tub
D75OV5 75mm Oval Brads 5kg 75mm 5kg Buckets
D75OV10 75mm Oval Brads 10kg 75mm 10kg Buckets
AT100OV21 100mm Oval Brads 2.5kg TUB 100mm 2.5kg Tubs
D100OV5 100mm Oval Brads 5kg 100mm 5kg Buckets
D100OV10 100mm Oval Brads 10kg 100mm 10kg Buckets
AT125OV21 125mm Oval Brads 2.5kg TUB 125mm 2.5kg Tubs
D125OV5 125mm Oval Brads 5kg 125mm 5kg Buckets
D125OV10 125mm Oval Brads 10kg 125mm 10kg Buckets
AT150OV21 150mm Oval Brads 2.5kg TUB 150mm 2.5kg Tubs
D150OV5 150mm Oval Brads 5kg 150mm 5kg Buckets
D150OV10 150mm Oval Brads 10kg 150mm 10kg Buckets